Karen's Story

Walking her seven year old daughter to school and making her lunch the night before were two of the duties Karen could only dream of, until the Family Connections program made them a reality.

Karen hadn't lived with her partner and their daughter since a stroke in Port Headland two years ago. After 12 months rehabilitation at Oats Street, the only barrier to her returning to live with her family was funding the significant support needed to help her make the move from Perth to Geraldton, where her family now lives.

Not having lived in Geraldton before, Karen settled into her new house and community with the help of a Brightwater Occupational Therapist, Sarah, who introduced her at the local primary school, GP, pharmacy, the hospital OT department, Home and Community Care services and Centrelink. Sarah also helped Karen's partner to learn about her care needs and daily routines.

Karen is ecstatic to be home with her family and her daughter is so excited to have her mum back.


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